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Agstafa raion was created on 24 January 1939 as an independent administrative unit out of larger Qazakh region of Azerbaijan. On 4 December 1959, the status of the raion was abolished and it was incorporated into Qazakh Rayon. Then on 14 April 1990 by the decree of the Council of Deputees of Azerbaijan SSR, it was split from Qazakh raion and was again re-established as a separate raion. The regional center of the raion is its capital Ağstafa. The raion is located in the northwestern part of the country, between Qabirri basin and Lesser Caucasus mountain range, and Ganja-Qazakh lowlands and Ceyrançöl highlands. It is sandwiched by Qazakh raion in the west and Tovuz raion in east, and borders Armenia on the southern frontier and Georgia on the northern. The area of the raion is 1,503.7 km2. There are 36 villages in the raion. There are 39 secondary schools, lyceum, musical school, 2 museums, 38 cultural clubs, State Arts Gallery, 49 libraries, 3 city and 10 village hospitals functioning in the raion. Ganja, Qazakh and Qarayazi lowlands make up the most of the raion's area, whilst its southwestern and northeastern parts comprise lesser mountain sites.

Agstafa.com may be available for purchase. Inquire today!: +1 715 680 0600 or info@caucasus.biz