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Zaqatala is a rayon of Azerbaijan. The capital and principal town of the rayon is Zaqatala. The rayon is an appendix of Azeri territory wedged between Georgia and Dagestan (Russian Federation). It is served by the A315 road coming from Mingachevir and leading to the Georgian border at Lagodekhi as well as by a small airfield.


Municipality: Zaqatala

Altitude: 500m

Population: 118,900

Religion: Muslim 99.6%, other religions 0.4%


Azerbaijanis, Avars, Lezgins, Tsakhurs and Georgians inhabit both Zaqatala city and the surrounding rayon. In addition to the Azeri population, which is the majority here and the rest of Azerbaijan, communities of Dagestani peoples, including the Avars, Tsakhurs, and Lezgins, live in the area.

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