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Zestafoni or Zestaponi (Georgian: ზესტაფონი) is the capital of Zestaponi District in Western Georgia, which is part of Imereti province. It is an important industrial center, with a large ferro-alloy plant processing manganese ore from nearby Chiatura

Zestafoni is in the Kolkheti lowlands, a semi-tropical region with relatively cold winters averaging -4°C in January and hot summers averaging 24°C in August. The surrounding countryside is a wine-growing region.

Zestafoni lies two kilometers south of the small but ancient fortress town of Shorapani, founded by Pharnavaz I of Iberia in the 3rd century BC.The town of Zestafoni is first mentioned in historical records in the 1560s. In the 1820s a Cossack army was posted in the town, which was then called "Kvirila" after the river that runs through it. In the 1920s the name was changed again to "Jugeli", after a famous revolutionary. Only later did the city regain its historical name

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Country: Georgia

Mkhare: Imereti

District: Zestaponi District

Area: 163 sq mi (423 km2)

Population: 76,208

Phone:715 680 0600
Fax: 715 359 4826